HiPP Organic Spelt Oat Rings 30g

  • The child-friendly cereal snack to nibble on
  • Due to their baby-friendly, light and airy structure, the rings dissolve quickly in the child's mouth. The round ring shape can hold the little ones themselves and thus learn to eat independently.

    Application and use: Daily portion: from the 8th month 3-5 pieces / from the 10th month 5-10 pieces. Ideally as part of a snack.

    Storage: Store in a dry place at room temperature. Once opened, close the package airtight (preferably with a clip) and use up quickly.

  • 33% organic whole spelt flour* milled, organic corn flour milled, organic rice flour milled, 15% organic whole oats milled.

Customer Reviews

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Bella Lee
Baby's Delight

Perfect for my little one's snack time! These HiPP Organic Spelt Oat Rings are incredible with their light and airy texture, making them an excellent choice for independent eating.

Riley Lewis
Wholesome Snack

Love the quality and nutrition in these organic spelt oat rings! They work as expected, dissolving quickly in my baby's mouth, and are a must-have for on-the-go nibbles.

Sydney Long
Organic Goodness

Well, these spelt oat rings are a hit with my child! The natural ingredients and round ring shape make them a valuable addition to our snack options.

Lila Martinez
Nourishing Bites

Excellent cereal snack for my baby! HiPP Organic Spelt Oat Rings have a perfect balance of spelt, corn, rice, and oats, providing a nourishing and tasty snack.

Kennedy Martin
Tiny Teeth-friendly

These organic spelt oat rings are a must-have in our pantry! They work wonders for my baby's taste buds and are a convenient option for little nibbles.

Customer Reviews

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