HiPP Organic Breakfast Rings - 135g


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  • The cheerful, colorful breakfast fun.

    The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a sugar content of less than 15% for cereals. HiPP Organic Breakfast Rings contain only sugar from natural ingredients and have a total sugar content well below this recommendation. This makes them ideally suited for daily breakfast.

    Application and use: Prepare each meal fresh. Please do not heat HiPP Breakfast Rings in the microwave (risk of scalding!) Please check chunkiness and, if necessary, allow to swell for a few minutes for a softer consistency. Please supervise your child while eating.

    Storage and use conditions: Re-seal the opened bag after product removal, store in a dry, hygienic place at room temperature. Use up the contents within 3-4 weeks. The foil pouch guarantees optimal freshness and aroma protection. Seal opened package airtight (with the reseal sticker). Store in a dry place at room temperature.

    Preparation: HiPP Organic Breakfast Rings are a wholesome breakfast meal for children from 15 months of age. Please check whether your child can already chew the Organic Breakfast Rings. If not, please let them swell until the desired texture (a few minutes).

    Put 20 g (approx. 7 tablespoons) of Breakfast Rings into a bowl.

    Add 125 ml of milk. Stir with a spoon - ready.

    Important product information: Packaged under a protective atmosphere.

    Important notes: If used as a snack item, important for your child: danger of swallowing! Do not give Organic Breakfast Rings while lying down. Please supervise your child while nibbling. Ensure a balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle and provide regular dental care for your toddler.

    Product description and details: from 15 months The first meal of the day is important for the proper nutrition of your child. Your child needs energy for a good start to the day. HiPP Breakfast Rings are age-appropriate to the nutritional needs of toddlers and contain only valuable, strictly tested organic ingredients. HiPP Breakfast Rings offer variety and fun on the breakfast table: their colorful rings make them ideal for an eventful day.

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My toddler absolutely loves these HiPP Organic Breakfast Rings! The fact that they contain only sugar from natural ingredients is a big plus for me. It's a relief to know that I can provide a wholesome and nutritious breakfast for my child.


I appreciate the convenience of preparing HiPP Breakfast Rings – just add milk, stir, and it's ready. It's a quick and easy breakfast option for busy mornings. Plus, the colorful rings make it visually appealing for my little one.


As a mom, I always worry about the sugar content in my child's food. HiPP Breakfast Rings have a total sugar content well below the WHO recommendation, giving me peace of mind that I'm making a healthy choice for my toddler.


These rings are a hit in our household. My child enjoys the different textures, and I like that they can be adjusted by letting them swell for a few minutes. It's a versatile breakfast option that suits my child's preferences.


I've tried various toddler cereals, and HiPP Organic Breakfast Rings stand out for their quality. The resealable pouch keeps the product fresh, and the portion size is just right for my little one.

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