Holle Goat's Milk Porridge Blueberry & Banana 200g (7oz)


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  • Holle Goat's Milk Porridge Blueberry & Banana offers a nutritious meal for your child, based on goat's milk. Enriched with the sweetness of blueberry and the creaminess of banana, this porridge harmoniously combines taste and nutrition.

    • Natural ingredients: Made with organically grown ingredients to ensure the purity and quality of each serving.
    • Goat's milk: Known for its easily digestible properties and rich in essential nutrients, goat's milk is a wonderful alternative to cow's milk.
    • Fruity Combination: The natural flavors of blueberry and banana offer a delicious and tantalizing taste that will please even picky eaters. -Easy to prepare: the porridge is easy to mix with water or milk and is ready to serve in minutes.
    • No additives: No artificial preservatives, colors or flavors.

      Ingredients: Rice flour* 57%, GOAT FULL MILK POWDER* 32%, banana powder* 8%, blueberry powder* 2%, calcium carbonate, thiamine (vitamin B1), vitamin A, vitamin D.
    • Preparation: 1. Heat 200 ml of water to about 40 °C.

                             2. Add 3 heaped tablespoons (33 g) of milk powder.

                             3. mix everything well, let the porridge swell briefly and make sure it is at the right temperature for consumption(37C).

                             Enjoy your meal! Contains approx. 6 servings of milk porridge according to the recipe.

    Customer Reviews

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    Creamy and Delicious

    This porridge is a game-changer! The combination of goat's milk, blueberry, and banana is so creamy and delicious. My little one absolutely loves it.

    Organic Goodness

    It's reassuring to know that my child is getting the goodness of natural, organically grown elements in every spoonful.

    Happy Tummy

    Goat's milk is gentle on the tummy, and this porridge has been a savior during the transition to solids. No tummy issues, and my baby seems happy after every meal.

    Quick and Easy

    The preparation is a breeze. I love that I can whip up a nutritious meal for my baby in just a few minutes. Perfect for busy mornings.

    No Additives, Just Goodness

    It's a relief to find a porridge with no additives. No preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors—just pure goodness.

    Customer Reviews

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