HiPP Organic Crispy Rings (25g), from 12 months

  • The crunchy rings in best organic quality with mild cheese flavor consist of 93% valuable cereals. Something else does not come in question for Hipp. That's why the crunchy fun is without added sugar (*ingredients naturally contain sugar) and without added flavors. Before the rings roll fluffily into the packaging, they are refined with real Italian organic hard cheese.
  • organic whole millet flour 31%, organic WHEAT FLOUR 29%, organic corn flour, organic DINKEL FULL GRAIN FLOUR 9% **, organic barley FULL GRAIN FLOUR, organic PARMESAN CHEESE 7%, iodized table salt.

  • 1.Never give millet sticks lying down

    2.Please supervise your child when nibbling

    3.Pay attention to regular dental care from the 1st tooth

    4.Store dry and at room temperature

    5.Close the opened pack airtight (preferably with a clip) and use up quickly

    6.This product left our premises in perfect condition

    7.Before use, please ensure that the packaging has not been damaged

    8.Sealed under protective athmosphere

    For the health of your baby, it is important to follow the recommendations.

    Give the food only under supervision and not while lying down or running.

    Pay attention to a balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle and thorough dental care from your baby's first tooth. 

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My 12-month-old absolutely loves the HiPP Organic Crispy Rings! The mild cheese flavor adds a nice touch, and I appreciate that they're made with organic ingredients. A guilt-free and delicious snack.


These Crispy Rings are a hit in our house. The fact that they are without added sugar and flavors aligns perfectly with my preference for healthy snacks for my toddler. The mild cheese flavor is a bonus.


I'm always on the lookout for wholesome snacks for my little one. HiPP Organic Crispy Rings fit the bill with their organic ingredients and mild cheese flavor. It's a convenient and tasty option for busy days.


The crunchy texture of these rings is a win for my toddler. It's a satisfying snack, and the fact that they are made with organic cereals and real Italian organic hard cheese gives me confidence in the quality.


HiPP has done it again! The Organic Crispy Rings are a go-to snack in our household. I love that they contain no added sugar or flavors, and the mild cheese taste is a nice twist. Plus, they're easy to store and take on the go.

Customer Reviews

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