HiPP Banana Cocoa Organic Baby Cereal - 200g

  • Baby weaning cereal like Hipp Organic Banana Cocoa is a great option. It is suitable from 8 months to finish nursing or to supplement infant formula given in bottles.

    For your infant's well-balanced and safe diet.

    • Suitable for babies from the age of 8 months
    • Vitamin B1* – supports the nervous system
    • Valuable, easily digestible cereal (contains gluten)

    What HiPP leaves out:

    • added sugars*
    • flavorings
    • coloring agents**
    • preservatives
  • 45% banana*, 23% wholemeal wheat flour*, wholemeal barley flour*, wholemeal rye flour*, 0.6% cocoa powder*, vitamin B1.

  • Because every baby is unique, daily milk cereal quantities may vary substantially. You can accurately prepare various serving sizes of milk cereal using our dosing table.

    Depending on your baby's age and appetite, choose the recommended dosage of water and cereal powder from the dosage chart.
    1. Fresh water should be brought to a boil before being allowed to cool to about 50 degrees Celsius.
    2. Put into a dish the recommended amount of powder (as per the dosing table).
    3. According to the dosing chart, measure the hot water, add it to the powder, and stir.
    4. Let it expand until the desired consistency is reached. Check the temperature.

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Hygienic Packaging

The packaging ensures hygiene. It's crucial when dealing with baby food, and HiPP gets it right.

Mood Booster

Somehow, mealtime with this cereal is a mood booster. Maybe it's the happy baby or the delightful aroma.

Texture Variety

The combination of flours creates a nice texture variety. It's not monotonous, keeping my baby interested.

Easy Cleanup

No stubborn stains or messes. Cleanup is a breeze, which every parent appreciates.

Natural Sweetness

The natural sweetness from bananas eliminates the need for sugar. It aligns with my preference for natural flavors.

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