HiPP 5-Grain with Prune Milk & Cereal - 250g

  • Baby weaning cereal like HiPP 5-Grain with Prune Milk & Cereal is a great option. It is suitable from 6 months to finish nursing or to supplement infant formula given in bottles.

    For 6 Months Old Babies

    • no added sugars
    • no sweeteners or juice concentrates
    • no added sugars
    • with calcium for the bones
    • with iron for blood formation and cognitive development
    • with iodine for thyroid function
    • with vitamin A** for the immune system
    • rich in vitamin C for iron absorption
    • rich in vitamin B1** for energy-yielding metabolism
    • valuable, easily digestible cereal (contains gluten)
    • Whey product, 17% skimmed milk powder, 12% durum wheat semolina, vegetable oils (sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, coconut oil), 6% soft wheat semolina, 6% wholemeal oat flour, galacto-oligosaccharides from lactose, 3% rice flour, 2.4% corn flour, 2.1% plum flakes, calcium carbonate, vitamin C, ferric diphosphate, vitamin E, Vitamin B1, vitamin A, potassium iodate, vitamin D.

    • Because every baby is unique, daily milk cereal quantities may vary substantially. You can accurately prepare various serving sizes of milk cereal using our dosing table.

        Powder in grams Water Portion produced
      From 4 months 40g (3-4 tbsp) 130ml 170g
      From 6 months 45g (approx. 4 tbsp) 140ml 185g
      From 8 months 50g (4-5 tbsp) 155ml 205g

      Depending on your baby's age and appetite, choose the recommended dosage of water and cereal powder from the dosage chart.

      1. Fresh water should be brought to a boil before being allowed to cool to about 50 degrees Celsius.
      2. Put into a dish the recommended amount of powder (as per the dosing table).
      3. According to the dosing chart, measure the hot water, add it to the powder, and stir.
      4. Let it expand until the desired consistency is reached. Check the temperature.

    Customer Reviews

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    I've been using this cereal to supplement formula, and it has made the weaning process so much smoother.


    My 6-month-old can't get enough of the delicious combination of grains and prune. It's a hit at mealtime.


    The dosing table provided is incredibly helpful. It takes the guesswork out of preparing the right serving size for my baby.


    The easy-to-follow instructions make preparing this cereal a breeze. It's perfect for busy moms who want to provide a nutritious meal.


    I'm impressed with the variety of vitamins included, from vitamin A for the immune system to vitamin C for iron absorption. HiPP covers all the bases.

    Customer Reviews

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